Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator accessory Vibrator Buddy magic wand attachment

The Vibrator Buddy is the absolute perfect companion to the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrating massager, allowing hands-free use with unimaginable comfort and stimulation. The Magic Wand vibrator is the most popular adult toy in the world, owned by more women than any other personal massager.

The Hitachi Magic Wand

Using the Vibrator Buddy magic wand accessory, whether alone or with a partner, it will add more excitement to your sex life. This is the perfect massaging vibrator companion. It was engineered to be a soft, cuddly, solid platform for the Magic Wand and similar personal vibrators. Add our optional speed control and you have delight beyond your wildest imagination. Don't have a magic wand? Not a problem. We carry both the Vibrator Buddy AND the hitachi magic wand as well as sell them as a package. We also sell all the accessories and attachments that go along with the very popular personal massager.

If you've been looking at purchasing the well known Sybian personal orgasm machine, we invite you to take a look at the Vibrator Buddy and Hitachi Magic Wand together. The sybian costs well over $1000, yes, that's ONE THOUSAND dollars! The vibrator buddy AND the magic wand in our package deal is only $129! Now that's a very big difference and we believe a bargain! Check out the deal right below here and compare it to the Sybian machine your looking at. Were sure you'll find our product to be a much more affordable option.

Vibrator Buddy & Hitachi Magic Wand Buddy System

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$129.00 plus shipping

Vibrator Buddy Introductory Special

Hitachi Magic Wand not included

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